My Necker Island Experience

My trip to Necker Island with Business Chicks has been anticipated for over three years! With the timing being out in 2016 for personal reasons and Hurricane Irma devastating the British Virgin Islands last year, I had to pinch myself as I reached this stunning piece of paradise… I was a guest in Richard Branson’s home!

Richard is a true visionary and what really struck me is his tenacity to help the world, his gentle soul and curious nature. I believe that true visionaries constantly ask the right questions and have a genuine interest in others. But so much more than spending time in the presence of my entrepreneurial hero, I experienced unexpected growth in many more areas of my life. The guest speakers on this Leadership Gathering pushed us into new and sometimes uncomfortable places of self-awareness and authenticity and I know that after Necker I will never be the same.

I had the privilege of giving back to the local community after spending time mentoring female BVI entrepreneurs. I’ve also now pledged to work with my fellow Business Chicks and the Me Too Movement (championed by Alyssa Milano) to support abused women in both the British Virgin Islands and on our own shores.

Aside from the idyllic location and inspirational presentations, it was the bonds I formed with the amazing women (and a few token men!) that will endure. We talked, we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we danced on tables and we committed to friendships that will last forever.

Necker really was a ‘no-ego zone’. What prevailed was a vibe of trust, respect, positive energy and truly being present in every moment.

I have left Necker with a heightened sense of newness and intention. Thanks so much to the Business Chicks team and Virgin Unite who curated this unforgettable bucket list experience. I am grateful and privileged to have met these incredible human beings and I’m excited to embark on our next adventure.